Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Learning how to Watch TV Series for Free (or Nearly That)

It's change you can believe in for millions of Americans who are fed up with their cable company and can't wait for a way to show them. Certainly, offerings on the Internet aren't where they should be yet. You have to search for what you want and you to be able to source everything you want from different places. But there are enough disgruntled cable subscribers out there that want badly enough to make the switch to the Internet that things are shaping up rather quickly. If you are fed up with paying $100 every month just to be able to catch a few shows that you like, you just might be able to watch TV series for free switching entirely to the Internet.

The first you thing you need to check out is how you can watch TV series for free with a $10 over-the-air HD antenna. People don't watch every TV show out there – they just have a few favorites. This is the reason people hate cable – they have to pay for hundreds of channels showing hundreds of shows when they just watch three or four. If the shows you want to watch are ones that come for free over major networks like CBS, NBC, ABC or Fox, you have nothing to worry about. You could even go over to to check out what kind of reception you're likely to get at your location.

More likely, when you think of trying to watch TV series for free, you’re thinking HBO, AMC or Comedy Central. Well, there are a few options. Let's get the illegal one out of the way first – if you think it's worth the risk, you could go over to any of the BitTorrent websites like EZTV and download the latest HDTV shows for free very quickly. And they are commercial-free too. If only the paid subscription websites would make things this easy.

But on the off-chance that you don't want to put your entire life and job at risk for a few free TV shows, you have to go with the less fun, but entirely workable paid options which are quite cheap. Netflix for instance, comes to mind. You can, for $8 and a month, watch as much as you want out of their catalog of streaming movies and TV shows. Their catalog was somewhat slim up until recently; but lately, they’ve been making lots of deals all around. AMC’s shows are now available. Hulu Plus has an agreement with NBC, Fox and Disney and you can watch everything they have on your big-screen TV – Modern Family or 30 Rock or anything for $8 a month.

In the end, you'll probably save at least $60 a month watching television this way. That's not an inconsiderable sum. But you do need to keep track of what you're spending.

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