Friday, 20 February 2015

Simple Yet Effective Ideas to Help You With Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is not high on the list of too many people when it comes to fun things to do. Well, we understand how you feel, and share your feelings. However, since prevention is the best course of action, you should concentrate on the easier tasks for much of the time. If you want to avoid having to shampoo often, get into the habit of vacuuming several times a week. It's much easier to vacuum than to shampoo! When you do that, you will keep it cleaner and it will look good all the time.

No matter what kind of carpet you have, always vacuum very thoroughly before doing any carpet cleaning such as shampooing. This is the most basic step in carpet care. If you skip the vacuuming, then you will only end up making your carpet look worse. The ways rug shampooers work is the reason you may end up with worse carpets.

Part of the dirt in your carpet will be dissolved, in spite of the fact that the shampoo will get a lot of the dirt. However, some of the liquid will elude you, and sink deep into the pile of your carpet and dry there. A big mistake a lot of people make when they shampoo their carpets is leaving excess water in the fibers. Wet carpets have been the cause of the extensive black mold we have seen growing in many apartments and homes. If there is enough mold growth, then that can pose a health hazard to those who are sensitive. One other unfortunate point about black mold is that it can be very difficult to eradicate if it grows on the walls. The most efficient method for killing mold that is growing anywhere is to use bleach. Of course, after washing down your walls with bleach, you will have to repaint - an additional expense you don't need.

It's not unusual for many people to dismiss the importance of caring for their carpets regularly. You really need to make sure your carpets are cleaned regularly or your health could suffer. Even if your carpets look clean, don't skip vacuuming on schedule. That is actually not the best approach because you do not see just about any of the dirt that is laying on or in your carpet. Most people have a habit of ignoring what isn't obvious. If they don't see it, it's not there! If our carpets don't appear to be dirty, we simply decide to skip the vacuuming. Nevertheless, looks can be deceiving! Regardless of your first reaction, vacuum anyway each week. Or even better, two times.

Any time you are buying new carpet, do think ahead about how hard or easy it will be to keep it clean. We have seen white carpeting in homes, and it really does look very striking and beautiful. Nonetheless, the homeowners were constantly on edge with the fear that someone would walk on their beautiful carpets and leave stains. That tends to make visitors uncomfortable but, what the heck, it's their carpets.

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  4. You're right in saying that people don't enjoy carpet cleaning--at least, I don't! I think that for me the best solution is to hire a service to really get my carpets clean, and then from there I can work on keeping them that way. I'll have to start vacuuming more regularly, but that seems doable.

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  5. My carpet is the best part of my house, but it really is a pain to clean! Especially, like this article says, when you have to shampoo or deep clean it. I didn't even know that incorrect shampooing could cause black mold, that's pretty scary. I think that best way to go is vacuum often, and hire a professional when needed.